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A widespread environmental recklessness is sweeping across the land. Frustrated with the lack of concern and fearful for their future and the fate of the planet they call home, a small group of determined citizens decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. Equipped with a fiery passion, fueled by an unwavering commitment to change the world and forever bound by a shared belief that one person can make a difference, a powerful movement was unleashed. United with a promise to protect and to serve earth so civilization will not merely survive but once again thrive, EarthPosse was established.

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EarthPosse is a member-based organization of Kids Alfresco that serves as a collective of citizens at the ready when duty calls. EarthPosse is committed to positive change through environmental stewardship, education and, most of all, action. Our motto: Protect. Serve. Thrive. We believe these three words are at the core to becoming more responsible global citizens and a path to a sustainable future for us all. To alter the current direction we must adopt an unprecedented devotion to something much bigger than ourselves - saving the planet from destruction. A mission of this magnitude requires an assembly of passionate, action-oriented everyday people prepared to do extraordinary things. We are a gang of environmental good samaritans galvanized by a call of duty - – an EarthPosse. It starts with you. It starts today. Join the movement.

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