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Get Outside. Get Active. Get Involved.

Kids Alfresco is reconnecting today’s youth with the natural world through a broad spectrum of outside activities, environmental stewardship and advocacy. Here you will discover new and exciting ways to experience an active and rewarding life outdoors.

The interdependent relationship between the health of our children and the prosperity of our planet is undeniable and unfortunately under great duress today. The escalating number of idle, overweight and outdoor-deprived children in America is staggering.

We believe that active children in touch with the natural world will heal, learn, discover and develop into champions of change. Research has revealed that reduced time outdoors is producing a caustic kid-nature separation generation that is contributing to the high rates of childhood obesity and other serious health concerns for kids and young adults as well as widespread disinterest and, at times, disrespect for the natural world around them.

We are working to break the cycle of indoor sedentary behavior while battling widespread indifference to environment concerns plaguing young people today through a variety of outdoor remedial and enrichment activities.

Kids Alfresco is a catalyst and a rallying cry that is helping to deliver with impact and immediacy the next generation of inventors, explorers and environmental game changers.


KidsAlfresco Earns 2019 Adoption Group of Year

Organization Recognized for Community Service Initiatives by Keep Pinellas Beautiful

Thank you.

“Thank you to all those who have embraced the KidsAlfresco mission and your ongoing support of our efforts to make the world a better place today and for future generations. We are honored to be the recipient of the 2019 Adoption Group of the Year award and grateful to the fantastic staff at Keep Pinellas Beautiful for their hard work and inspiration. KidsAlfresco remains committed to our communities and the planet”.


A widespread environmental recklessness is sweeping across the land. Frustrated with the lack of concern and fearful for their future and the fate of the planet they call home, a small group of determined citizens decided it was time to take matters into their own hands.  Equipped with a fiery passion, fueled by an unwavering commitment to change the world and forever bound by a shared belief that one person can make a difference, a powerful movement was unleashed. United with a promise to protect and to serve earth so civilization will not merely survive but once again thrive, EarthPosse was established. 


The Kids Alfresco Faces of Change searches the globe to bring you inspirational stories of individuals and organizations that strive for positive change in the world. Are you making a difference or know someone who is? 

Inspire someone today. Remember, big things often have small beginnings. What’s your small beginning? Get in touch with us, let’s share your efforts with the world.


Discover Careers with Companies That Truly Care About The Planet

It's never too early to start thinking about a career. The Pay Dirt Project helps you explore careers with companies that care about the earth and think and act responsibly, just like you! Imagine a rewarding job with an organization that not only provides great products and services but also cares about the planet and committed to creating a positive social impact in their communities.


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Welcome to the Pollution Museum - the Dirtiest Place on Planet Earth

A Disturbing Exhibit of Human Behavior and the Degradation of the Natural Environment