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Welcome to Kids Alfresco

Here, parents and children will discover new and exciting ways to experience an active and rewarding life outdoors. We believe that active children in touch with the natural world will heal, learn, discover and develop into agents of change.

The interdependent relationship between the health of our children and the prosperity of our planet is undeniable and unfortunately under great duress today. The escalating number of idle, overweight and outdoor-deprived children in America and throughout the world is staggering. Indoor sedentary trends, inadequate exercise and poor nutrition are the primary culprits.

Kids Alfresco encourages outside interaction with the environment through simple unstructured everyday play and recreational activities as well as the more organized outdoor pursuits including competitive leagues and adventure sports to the educational-based outside experiences offered by the natural sciences such as ecology, astronomy, biology, geology and more.

The Kid-Nature Separation Generation

The amount of time children spend outside and engaged in outdoor activities continues to decline at a near-debilitating pace. Kids devote three hours a day less time playing outside than children did two decades ago. Research has revealed that reduced time outdoors is producing a kid-nature separation generation that is contributing to the high rates of childhood obesity and other serious health concerns for our children as well as widespread disinterest and, at times, disrespect for the natural world around them.

Outdoor play has been shown to improve achievements in a child’s health, education and environmental advocacy yet many children today are spending less time exercising and outdoors and more time tethered to the TV, computer, or engrossed in video games and other electronic traps. In fact, children on average now consume more than 7 ½ hours a day of screen time and less than 25% of school-aged children engage in daily physical activity. Reductions in school recess and physical education (“PE”), less open space to explore, untidy parks and antiquated playgrounds, fears about our children’s safety, and let’s not forget that most moms, dads and caregivers are simply leading much busier lives just to make ends meet. These are just some of the many challenges we face as we get our children active and on the move outdoors.

Kids Alfresco is serving as a catalyst and a rallying cry to reengage our youth with exercise and the natural world around them through a broad spectrum of outside activities. We are a call to action for a new generation of health conscious, environmentally connected outdoor children.

From exploring the rich wilderness in their own backyards to experiencing the unique flora and fauna of a foreign country or simply kicking a ball, jumping rope and riding a bike with their best buddies, we believe that our children and the planet will be in a healthier and happier place through Kids Alfresco.

Join the Kids Alfresco Club

Hey parents, are you interested in a family membership to the Kids Alfresco Club? It's free, it's fun and a fantastic way for you to empower a child as well as participate with them in a variety of outside purpose-driven activities in your own neighborhood.