Believe it. Active children in touch with the natural world will heal, learn, discover and develop into champions of change.


Our Mission

Kids Alfresco is reconnecting today’s youth with the natural world through a broad spectrum of outside activities, environmental stewardship and advocacy. We promote and participate in immersive and educational environmentally-focused community projects including litter removal, recycling and land reclamation. We are amplifying our message of environmental stewardship and reaching like-minded individuals through our new member-based organization EarthPosse which serves as a collective of citizens at the ready when duty calls.

Kids Alfresco is engendering and energizing a new generation of environmental superheroes. Our goal is to inspire and engage - that’s the very foundation of discovery and the vital piece of the environmental stewardship puzzle that is missing today. We are a catalyst and a rallying cry that is helping to deliver with impact and immediacy the next generation of inventors, explorers and environmental game changers.

Our children and the environment are the foundation and the fountainhead from which so many other world issues can be resolved. Kids Alfresco is an emotive brand that incites as well as empowers all those it touches. The people we employ, the products we endorse, the resources we provide and the partnerships we forge collectively embody our vision and fuel the movement.

We are working to break the cycle of indoor sedentary behavior while battling widespread indifference to environment concerns plaguing young people today through a variety of outdoor remedial and enrichment activities. While you are never too old for an environmental awakening, early intervention is ideal. Today’s youth are the trailblazers we so desperately desire to eliminate poverty, clean our oceans, lakes and streams, discover cures for debilitating  and life-threatening conditions, provide safe and accessible drinking water for everyone, eliminate global conflicts, protect and preserve our national parks, perfect alternate energy sources and explore the outermost reaches of the universe.

Kids Alfresco is sparking a worldwide wake up call for change. Real change that is triggering a chain reaction, or perhaps better said, a change reaction; a series of events which each influences the next and becomes self-sustaining. Kids that pursue an active, responsible and inquisitive life outdoors pave a path to personal health and a lifetime of positive environmental interactions.

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