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Hey parents, are you interested in a family membership to the Kids Alfresco Club? It’s free, it’s fun and a fantastic way for you to empower a child as well as participate with them in outside purpose-driven activities in your own neighborhood.

The Kids Alfresco Club focuses on ways to keep children and the planet healthy through everyday outdoor exercise and community-based endeavors. By joining, you and your family become part of a large growing global organization but with emphasis on your own personal, localized goals.

Join Today and Receive:

  • Official Kids Alfresco Club Family Membership Certificate
  • My Neighborhood In Motion, the Kids Alfresco Club Helpful Planning Guide
  • Periodic E Mail Information and Updates from Kids Alfresco Club
  • Kids Alfresco Newsletter ECO System, a monthly publication committed to the health and well being of our children and the environment

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At Home and in Your Community

Kids Alfresco Club focuses on keeping our children and the planet healthy. It starts at home and in your own community. Fostering a sense of personal, environmental and social responsibility in our children is the primary objective of the club as it shapes their perspective of themselves and the important role they play in the world.