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Message From Our Founder

 Jim Bullock, Founder &
COO (Chief Outdoors Officer), Kids Alfresco

Everyone experiences life –altering moments; those profound personal turning points that become so indelibly engraved upon our human psyche never to be erased. Well, for me, two such events can be identified and serve as my inspiration for Kids Alfresco; my journey through the Galapagos Islands and the birth of my four beautiful children. For witnessing first-hand, the miracle of human life entering this world and how wondrously this world can evolve given the right conditions, I have gained respect for the intricacies as well as a real concern over the fragility between the children we crown our future and the planet we call our home.

Kids Alfresco is a worldwide wake up call for change. Real change that is triggering a chain reaction, or perhaps better said, a change reaction; a series of events which each influences the next and becomes self-sustaining. Believe it, active children in touch with the natural world will heal, learn, discover and develop into agents of change.

As the American scholar Joseph Chilton Pearce proclaims, “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold”. Indeed, our children are the trailblazers we so desperately desire to eliminate poverty, clean our oceans, lakes and streams, discover cures for debilitating and life-threatening conditions, provide safe and accessible drinking water for everyone, eliminate global conflicts, explore the outermost reaches of the universe, improve our educational system, protect and preserve our national parks, and perfect alternate energy sources. So, don’t wait another moment; get your kids, step outside and change the world.

Sure, I am proud to be identified as the founder of this significant movement, but more importantly, I am an impassioned parent on a mission and we need your help. This pledge to repair our young and the planet is a promise that we all need to keep for ourselves and future generations beginning right now.

See you outside,

James M. Bullock

Founder & Chief Outdoors Officer
Kids Alfresco


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