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About Us

Kids Alfresco is a global movement whose mission is to inspire and enable children to enjoy active, responsible lives outdoors.

 Our children and the environment are the foundation and the fountainhead from which so many other world issues can be resolved. Kids Alfresco is an emotive brand that incites as well as empowers all those it touches. The people we employ, the products we endorse, the resources we provide and the partnerships we forge collectively embody our vision and fuel the movement.

Kids Alfresco encourages outside interaction with the environment through simple unstructured everyday play and recreational activities as well as the more organized outdoor pursuits including competitive leagues and adventure sports to the educational-based outside experiences offered by the natural sciences such as ecology, astronomy, biology, geology and more.

Active children in touch with the natural world will heal, learn, discover and develop into agents of change. Kids Alfresco is a worldwide wake up call for change. Real change that is triggering a chain reaction, or perhaps better said, a change reaction; a series of events which each influences the next and becomes self-sustaining.

The Change Reaction


Join the Kids Alfresco Club

Hey parents, are you interested in a family membership to the Kids Alfresco Club? It's free, it's fun and a fantastic way for you to empower a child as well as participate with them in a variety of outside purpose-driven activities in your own neighborhood.